We Review the New Single ‘I.A.N’ by Colder Suns

Veering between a rich vein of snarling, swaggering classic rock and an urgent sense of punk energy, “I.A.N”, the latest single from Maidstone rockers Colder Suns, is a multi-faceted beast that seems to shift as it progresses towards its conclusion.

Though beginning with a sleazy classic rock vibe, ‘I.A.N‘ wastes little time in building towards something ultimately much more encompassing. A chunky, propulsive bass pushes things forwards, backboning the track with a steadfast bottom end across which drums clatter and guitars career with a reckless abandon.

There’s elements of ’80s punk bands like TSOL felt across the tracks entirety too, though this is most evident in the pre-chorus. Elsewhere the chorus itself offers a soaring sense of optimism that works hand in hands with the inherent urgency felt almost from the outset.

Of course, optimism and punk aren’t really two things that go hand in hand, but Colder Suns aren’t really a punk band. There is a rawness in its production, something that reflects the track’s raw and heartfelt lyricism also.

Flitting between genres isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and while Colder Suns manage here to do it well, the transition from the less fleshed out classic rock aspects into the ballsier moments feels a little forced, and those thinner elements could be beefed out by doubletracking the bass, or dropping it down an octave, something that would really make it pop.

Of course, this ability to veer between genres and aesthetics is what makes ‘I.A.N’ the track it is though; what separates it from feeling like just another classic rock song. and in that Colder Suns are absolutely doing something right.