We review the new single ‘In My Head’ by Kubota

US artist Kubota is currently on the right path to stardom and the new single ‘In My Head’ explains why. On route to releasing his seven-track EP at the start of next year, the new track gives insight that this artist isn’t slowing down, but speeding up instead.

Already turning heads of Spotify playlist curators and press online, the Asian-American artist stands out because of his diverse songwriting.

Entering with a twinkling guitar melody, ‘In My Head’ fully finds itself when the lo-fi hip-hop beats drop. Weaving through indie-pop and lo-fi hip-hop, Kubota’s new single sounds like it dived in headfirst into a bag of tricks and come out with something innovative and warm.

Explaining the vicious cycle that mental health brings to the table, the track covers the unspoken truth behind pursuing mental stability and how it’s a tiresome, but vital process. Using his own personal experience to tell the story is entirely empowering.

Musically, the track isn’t very imaginative and doesn’t completely steal the limelight. The melodies feel like they’ve been played safe to what the mainstream charts are sounding like and aren’t as complex as hoped. Nevertheless, the production and warmness of Kubota’s vocals are what makes this track work.

Taking the leap into the unknown, we’d say this is another successful track from Kubota.