We review the new single ‘Insomnia’ by Yelmur

A brooding release that feels like an electronic experiment that’s arrived safely on Earth after one hell of a ride to get here.

A soundscape of genres that you think shouldn’t really work, ‘Insomnia‘ is the perfect friend to stay up the night with.

The latest release from Berlin artist Yelmur sounds like Trent Reznor met up with Steve Reich and created a track as they couldn’t sleep and thought ‘sod it, let’s make a track’.

Detailing the different stages of a sleepless night, it’s the first single from Yelmur and we’re certain it’s the start of a very powerful career ahead for this multi-instrumentalist. Musically, the song is crafted with a delicate atmosphere yet the track is armed with a sombre story.

Insomnia is serious, we all need sleep to function, and the way that Yelmur portrays the effects it can have on us if we don’t sleep through his music is utterly breathtaking.

Elements of progressive rock, classical and jazz are thrown in for extra spice – is there any sound this artist CAN’T produce? Self-taught and oozing with talent, Yelmur’s music could become your new best friend.