We review the new single ‘Kidsitter’ by KidK

Questioning the introspections of society today, ‘Kidsitter’ is a track that contemplates the global, communal, and individual interactions and stresses the importance of improving ourselves. Political but in the right way that could easily bring different communities together, this feels like the modern world’s version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ message wise.

Musically, the track resides somewhere between bedroom pop, soul and alternative R&B, which gives it a diverse arrangement that could cater for different types of people. Very soulful and you can hear how passionate this songwriter is as the song progresses, ‘Kidsitter’ is a statement that needs to be heard.

Bringing you up to speed, Kid K is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia that creates simple songwriting with memorable melodies and contemplative lyricism. Empowering and everything you’d expect from KidK by now, the track was produced, written and arranged by the songwriter with additional recording, mixing and mastering by DJ Spendenn.

Having only released his debut single in the middle of September, KidK feels like he’s been around for years and has already cementing legendary status from his messages. Saying that this is also an artist still very much at the beginning and you can slightly hear that.

We’re looking forward to seeing how KidK’s songwriting blossoms over the months and years to come.