Ronnie White
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Entirely experimental, this synth pop number is genre-bending and surreal to listen to. Every time you listen to it, you’ll find something else to obsess over.

The new release comes from London-based, self-produced artist Ronnie White, and what makes her stand out is her carefree nature of being labeled. The music is distinctive enough and doesn’t need to be categorsied into something it’s not 100%. Why label when you can enjoy whatever’s in your ears?

“Lies & Desire” isn’t quite experimental like Björk or anything along those lines, it still folows a pop structure but it’s definitely more complicated than the generic pop you hear in the charts.

What stands out the most for me throughout the tracks is the note-perfect vocals of Ronnie. Like something you’d hear on a ’90s dance track, the commercial-ready number is enthusiastic and irresistible.

Synth-heavy and remarkably original, there’s no way of limiting this genre to one influence. Not like anything else I’ve heard, there are even elements of industrial in it, making it able to appeal to fans of the progressive world.

Dark in places but able to still reminisce with the lightness, the best thing about the track is that it could easily fit on a party AND chilled playlist.

Definitely for fans of people that aren’t afraid to listen to something out of the ordinary, this is the type of music that you hear for the first time and cherish from there on out.

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