We review the new single ‘Light the Sky’ by Transmissions

Taken from a concept album that will officially blow your mind, Transmissions‘ new single ‘Light the Sky‘ could light up the whole sky instantly from its vividness.

Whilst the album is described as a man obsessed with leaving the world in hopes of being away by aliens, the single aims to be the equivalent of an encounter with a spacecraft.

Musically, the track is alternative rock with fragrances of indie thrown in for an extra taste. Sounding like a demo in places still, the track was self-produced by the group. Feeling like they may still be at the beginning of their career, ‘Light the Sky’ shows potential and comes across as promising.

What makes the track stand out for me is its imaginative chord production and arrangement. Quite cinematic and sounding quite early Radiohead-esque mixed with The Beatles, Transmissions have created an innovative sound to be proud of here.

The first single to be released from the album, the concept album looks to be an adventurous release not for the faint-hearted.

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