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We review the new single ‘Lover Lover’ by Brendan Lane

Returning to his rock roots with the new release ‘Lover Lover, Brendan Lane is a songwriter who creates dynamic songs that highlight his poignant lyricism. Showcasing the struggles of opioid addiction and the toll it can take on your loved ones, ‘Lover Lover’ hits close to home if you’re struggling through these winter months. Bringing warmth to the table and to our hearts, this poignant yet empowering number is a perfect indication that it’s ok to not be ok.

Armed with a roots-rock persona that nudges Springsteen, Brendan’s growing catalogue is forever adventurous and covers themes of love, loss and life-changing moments. Hearing Brendan be personal and honest with his fans is truly breathtaking, and something that fans long to always hear. A track about frustration and confrontation, ‘Lover Lover’ feels like a guardian angel or a close friend always trying to help your every mood.

Based around an alternative country meets hard-rock arrangement, the track will leave you leaning for your hairbrush as you sing along its contagious hook. The only thing that makes the track slightly needing improvement is the production. The mix sounds great apart from the drums – it felt like the snare drum sound doesn’t quite fit the sound whereas everything else does.