We review the new single ‘Lucille’ by almost sex

A charismatic indie-folk number that will leave you forgetting about your worries and transport you to a safe haven, ‘Lucille‘ is the remarkable new single from almost sex.

The project of Nick and Warren, aka the alt-pop duo ‘almost sex’, the pairing met on a dating app during the first lockdown in March 2020. A blessing in disguise, this duo create bedroom-pop music with a gorgeous blend of alt-folk buried within its core.

Melding narrative-driven lyrics with vibrantly textured production, ‘Lucille’ is bathed with a tongue in cheek chorus that will not be leaving your head anytime soon.

Utterly gorgeous and easily one of my favourite releases of the year already, almost sex have started from nothing and built a strong foundation that could easily make them millions. Musically, the track follows a basic groove that comes across as warming and as light as a feather.

Just under three minutes long, ‘Lucille’ is the leading single from almost sex’s debut EP – a release that uses all-analog production, including an old drum machine from 1979.

I’m a huge fan of this and so glad it was sent my way to review – we want more!