We review the new single ‘Machines’ by XPQ-21

Maybe armed with a stage name that sounds like something straight out of Star Wars, the only thing that links XPQ-21 with the film series is their futuristic sound. Out for listeners to enjoy from May 13th, ‘Machines’ is a gothic electronic number that dusts off its glad rags and lets listeners hear a hard-hitting story. 

Downtempo with exceptional industrial elements, the cyber number talks about science fiction, but is this really a fictional story?

Certainly political, but in the best way possible, this track refuses to be left on any back-burner and requires you to perceive how XPQ-21 feels. Led by mastermind, producer, and singer Jeyênne who was one of the greats in the rave and techno scene in the 90s. Receiving preview praise from MTV, Viva TV, Mayday, and many more, Jeyênne has a completely new avenue to endeavour, and we think he’s certainly on the right path. 

Detailing how wearing masks have become the new normal, XPQ-21 has mentioned that the track is about how A.I’s have become a part of our society – but is this really a good thing? What I love about this single is how you can interpret it in your own way.

Musically, the track is based around a dubstep arrangement with an aggressive production. Not for the faint-hearted and people who like gentle music, ‘Machines’ is everything you’d expect musically from its message.