We review the new single ‘Mind’ by InVR

Mind” is an exceptional new release from dubstep artist InVR. We’re currently living in times where dubstep may have slightly gone out of fashion, but it feels like it could make a strong comeback if this track is anything to run by.

After releasing four midtempo tracks, InVR’s triumphant return to a fast-paced tempo exceeds expectations.

Aiming to broaden horizons within the electronic world, the thing that makes InVR stand out further from other dubstep artists is how he truly bends the genre. You’ve got elements of electronica, trip-hop, acid house all thrown together to create a truly innovative experience for every listener.

Telling the story of how important it is to accept your problems and learn to live with them, InVR’s new single ‘Mind’ illustrates the importance of speaking up. Battling with mental health struggles throughout the track, the track feels forever relatable after the past two years.

“Mind” feels like a track that could empower a group of people that are struggling with their own worries. Able to turn any frown upside down.