We review the new single ‘Miss Me?’ by Carley Varley

“Miss Me?” – yes, Carley, we certainly did! Bournemouth based songstress Carley Varley (Yes, that is her real name) returns with indie-pop new single ‘Miss Me?, taken from her EP ‘Seasons’ which recently dropped.

Receiving praise from BBC Introducing, the track hears Carley step into a ballad limelight rather than her usual indie, feel-good songwriting. Hearing the songwriter in this stunning light is truly empowering and showcases that Carley truly uses music as escapism. Definitely, a track that would hit it off with Taylor Swift fans across the globe,

Based around a simple pop structure, the track isn’t very complex but clearly states that you don’t need all the gadgets and best musicians in the world to create a track with layers of soul.

A personal track to Carley that she simply gets lost in, ‘Miss Me?‘ will leave you reflecting and relating to it while you’re indoors over the Christmas period. With restrictions possibly on the horizon, this track could be interpreted in a completely different light in a matter of weeks or months.

Incredibly emotive and everything you’d expect from Carley, but this time, I think she’s outdone herself and gone beyond what we ever thought. One word to describe the release? Stunning.