We review the new single ‘Moon Puddles’ by Marc Bird

Moon Puddles might be the best slow-burning track you encounter today. Coated with an angelic chord progression that, at times, feels slightly off-putting and based around trip-hop elements, the diverse sound of Marc Bird’s new track draws you in and nudges artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith.

Textured with champer pop melancholiness, the new track tells a tale of lost love and heartache… the perfect soundtrack for the heartbroken just before Valentine’s Day!

Unfortunately, it feels like the track might be one of those tracks that people skip after a minute. It doesn’t progress dynamically and stays the same momentum throughout. Nevertheless, what will keep your gaze is the track’s familiar message and indie-esque vocals. Armed with an emotive vocal performance, the track is washed with a glimmer of hope.

This is the first single to be taken from Marc Bird’s self produced second album, due to be released later in 2022.

Overall, the track is based around a surreal musical landscape and wouldn’t sound out of place on an episode of Killing Eve, Fargo or even Peaky Blinders. Someone get this guy a Sync deal already!