We review the new single ‘Mountain’ by James Bene

From the first listen, ‘Mountain’ is an immersive experience with a cross-genre face. Definitely diverse and able to make you think where is this next going, James Bene‘s new single does slightly feel like it’s trying to fit into different moulds to create something innovative.

Dark in places yet euphoric, musically, the track is quick off the mark with a charismatic vibe. Mountain is very autobiographical and was written at the piano with a heavy heart a few years ago while he was grappling with past pain and hurt.

Armed with a melancholic subject about overcoming childhood sexual abuse, ‘Mountain’ is a haunting number spreading awareness on an important topic. Certainly an artist you’d be proud to support, James Bene’s uses his real-life experiences and challenges as a strong influence.

Sounding like it would get the full reception it deserves if it was released 15 years ago, ‘Mountain’ sounds like Evanescence had a jam with the softer side of Linkin Park.

Emerging as a tribute to James’ past self, the track is an anthem inspiring a better version of himself. Stating that the track as never to be recorded until a producer heard it, I’m glad this song saw the dawn, it deserves to be played from every rooftop in town.