We Review The New Single Not All Bad From Dom Champ

The laid-back nature both lyrically and musically of Dom Champ’s latest single Not All Bad is a two-and-a-half breakaway from the bleakness of society.

From the elegancy in the piano notes to being dragged in by the beat, the hip-hop artist doesn’t need an onslaught of instrumentation to get us into the feel of the track.

Its laissez-faire rhythm perfectly captures Champ’s chill vibe in both his spoken-word and lyrical context of having a good time. His writing looks for the simple pleasures in life, but at first, I didn’t feel like his vocal delivery would cut it.

The simple spoken-word delivery in the opening verse felt like it was going slip from the timing of the beat, but as the track kicks in Champ retains his consistency.

The track is short and sweet, but no more needs to be said in its content. By no means does the track feel ‘cool’ like a lot of spoken hip-hop, but its factors of everyday gritty life are relatable and that’s something to hold onto.

My major take-away from this piece is Champ’s vocal delivery teetering on the boring-side of things. Due to the simplicity in the sound, an eccentric vocal delivery would be too distracting, but I want to hear a lot more feeling in Champ’s voice.