We review the new single ‘NUMB’ by Zoë Zohar

Entering with a dark-pop attire and modulated elements that makes the track feel cinematic and in places, hard to hear, ‘NUMB’ is the latest offering from independent alt-pop artist Zoë Zohar. Taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘AmIAlive’, the new single sounds like it would fit perfectly in a dramatic TV scene where the protagonists world has turned upside down. Armed with a dramatic sound that leaves a mysterious atmosphere for fans to dive headfirst into, the track explains what a post-apocalyptic life would sound like. After the turbulent couple of years we’ve endeavoured, this track feels even more relatable for listeners.

Bathed with dramatic explosions, 80s infused guitar tones and a futuristic style, ‘Numb’ blends nostalgic emotive tones with character-driven electronic elements. Entirely original and very refreshing in today’s industry, ‘Numb’ is spine-tingling pop music at its best. The only downfall for the track would be that its introduction feels a bit hectic. There’s quite a lot of modulation going on that gets lost within the mix. Detailing the mayhem that would could come from an apocalypse, the track definitely does highlight this well, it’s just the mix doesn’t feel very prominent.

Saying that, ‘NUMB’ is a special addition to Zoë’s discography.