Oli Barton


South London-based indie singer-songwriter Oli Barton returns with his new single. Packed full of swagger, this new track feels like his is strutting out of the shadows with his chest puffed out. With unapologetically honest lyrics, The Light is testament to his dedication to doing things his own way.

He has managed to retain the electrifying energy we are used to even whilst presenting a murkier overall vibe in this one. Somewhat in contrast to his usual uplifting rhythmic instrumentals, this one feels much more inventive. It lifts and falls much more, putting more emphasis on the vocals than we usually see. Judging from the result he has ended up with here, we may see him stick with this formula more in the future.

It’s less melodic than his previous releases, but what it lacks there it more than makes up for with the increased sense of punchiness and attitude that streams through it. Through large parts he holds his sound back more than what we have seen previously, giving it a darker tone. However what this does allow is for his to really thunder into the final third of the track, lifting the energy back skyward.

Though a slight diversion from what we may have been expecting from him, The Light retains all of the elements which have hooked us in with Barton’s music. The rawness and honesty he pumps into his sound is as present as ever, if not more so. This may be the track we look back as the one that really solidified his sound, and we look forward to seeing what comes next.

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