We review the new single “Out of Nowhere’ by Ellie Madeland

Swedish Singer-songwriter Ellie Madeland is here to bless your ears with her poignant debut single. This track especially pays ode to its title as it felt like it’s stormed into our lives quite literally ‘Out of Nowhere’. Quite experimental and blessed with stunning cracks in the production to make it sound quite vintage, the trip-hop infused number is infused with indie-folk sensibilities to give it a subtle chillwave soundscape.

Around the one and a half minute mark, the track ventures into a hypnotising drum beat suited to leave you feeling calm.

The arrangement feels slightly misshaped in places and able to fully get its message across. Nevertheless, the structure of the song is breathtaking and like something you’d hear when all hell breaks loose in one of your favourite heart-aching movies.

Timeless and cinematic, the track was produced with the help of UK-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Gentle William.

Described like a rollercoaster throughout euphoria, optimism and solitude, emotions run high in ‘Out of Nowhere‘ and it feels like a guiding light to turn to when you’re needing a good cry or even to remember your self-worth.

We’d definitely be interested in hearing more from Ellie on the true inspiration behind the track and what’s next for the songstress.