We review the new single ‘Paradise’ by Roses In Hand

Tackling the beauty and difficulty of feeling insecure amongst the chaos of reassurance, ‘Paradise‘ serves as a reminder to always respect yourself – it’s your world after all. The latest adventure from Roses In Hand is highly optimistic and heightened with a refreshing chorus that won’t be leaving your head any time soon. Bathed with a stadium-ready production with addictive harmonies, jiving beats and subtle accents, paradise is certainly one word to call this new single.

Known for their lyricism about love, lust and struggles, Roses in Hand are known for their uplifting, ear-catching performances and hook-heavy songwriting. Ever feel like things are too good to be true or that you don’t deserve the good things in your life? This is the track to stick on – it’s armed with reassuring sensibilities that can tell you that you’re worthy.

Produced by Bobby Kidd, the soundscape is tastefully curated with alt-pop at the forefront of the mix. Whilst the track is definitely pop-orientated, there’s definitely indie-pop elements in there too. Not just musical geniuses, Roses in Hand are also ticking other boxes and have a distinctive image.