We review the new single ‘Part Instinct’ by KIN TALA

A joyous anthem that feels like a form of escapism in our current monotone world, ‘Part Instinct’ is the latest offering from North-West duo KIN TALA. Having met over a decade ago and been in each other’s lives ever since, the two-piece ooze musical chemistry in all the right places.

Released at the beginning of the month, the single was written four years ago during a heatwave. It feels only appropriate that they released during one of the hottest summers in the UK on record!

Diving in deeper, the track talks about our past and how it shapes us. It can be linked with a romantic side in places due to its colourful soundscape, ‘Part Instinct’ is a remarkable piece of music that fits comfortably in the duo’s discography.

Based around a gorgeous groove with a hard-hitting rhythm, the vocal production is up close and personal, refusing to be left in the shadows. Pieced together with a tribal beat, the infectious rhythm will jive its way into your head and never escape.

Might be the first track I’ve heard and liked from this duo, but I’m certain it won’t be the last one.