We review the new single ‘Perfect’ by Eleri Ward

Entering with an angelic vocal melody before descending into a sombre chord, ‘Perfect‘ is as close to perfect as you can get.

The gorgeous new offering from New York based artist Eleri Ward is bathed with alternative pop sensibilities but comes across prominently as art-pop, and something that Kate Bush would kill to have in her discography.

Do you ever feel like you’re too much of a perfectionist? This song could well become your new anthem. Eleri sings how perfect is actually boring, so why do we want it so badly?

We get close to ‘perfect’ and still aren’t happy – so what’s the point in chasing it anyway? That’s the whole message behind the track, and it may seem simple to follow, but in reality? Perhaps not.

Coated with a breathtaking vocal line that could easily find Eleri sitting next to the greats at an award ceremony, the track explores the frustration of self-limitations. While the track’s message is easier said than done, ‘Perfect‘ is an easy-listening number that you could get lost in for hours.

Eleri Ward has gained herself a new fan over here, that’s for sure.