We Review the New Single ‘Phantom/Shadows’ from My Only Solution

As someone who grew up reading Kerrang! weekly, and who then went on to work within Manchester’s music industry, the latest single, ‘Phantom/Shadows‘ from Manc trio My Only Solution feels both nostalgic, yet also strangely refreshing.

Nostalgic because across its four minute runtime, it brings to mind both nu-metal bands from the ’90s, and the more emotionally driven alt-rock bands of the ’00s such as 30 Seconds to Mars, and refreshing because in a city known for its indie heritage, it’s not often you find a rock band whose influences feel as alternative as they do here.

That doesn’t mean to say that ‘Phantom/Shadows’ is in itself a particularly heavy track. Despite the intro harbouring being reminiscent of nu-metallers Fear Factory, the verses are understated and delicate, always building towards a soaring chorus that erupts almost from nowhere in an impressive use of dynamics. As such, it’s easy to imagine the track factoring in to the band’s live sets effortlessly.

Though not heavy in the wider scheme of things, those already familiar with My Only Solution will find the track heavier than previous releases such as early tracks like ‘Do You Have Nightmares When You Sleep?’ or even last year’s ‘Widow’.

While not a step in an entirely new direction for the band, it does feel like the band gearing up to take that step. The track also feels much better produced in comparison to previous offerings also. Taking both of these into account, it’s clear that ‘Phantom/Shadows’ feels like a statement of intent from a band who are about to push things harder than they ever have before.