We review the new single ‘Playing With Fire’ by Maddy Carty

The third release in a series of singles for Maddy Carty, Playing With Fire‘ feels like an appropriate single to release in the UK this week. Not just a heatwave in person, this heated track from pop’s rising star is a playful number with a diverse range of influences.

A fierce artist with a strong head on her shoulder, Maddy’s new release details a soft warning to her other half, to simply, not mess with her.

Detailing how it can be related to all couples, especially when under the influence of alcohol, it’s a track that reminds us to all stick to our morals.

Musically, the track feels sleazy and soulful, making it an anthem that could be welcomed onto the silver screen with open arms. Cinematic, the part that draws you in isn’t actually the arrangement, it’s the effortless nature of Maddy’s vocals. Drowning in female empowerment, this is a song for all womxn who don’t want to be told what to do.

Produced by Phil Swan + Theo Gordon, the one thing that feels the same throughout the track is its dynamics. It doesn’t build into a huge vocal part or a crescendo.

It has a lot more potential than it’s been given, but saying that, it’s easy listening and a strong track in the thousands of July releases the world has received.