We review the new single ‘Rattle My Bones’ by Michael Wilford

Intricate and engaging from the very first note, ‘Rattle My Bones‘ will speak volumes to people feeling left isolated after the pandemic. Based in Canada, Michael Wilford’s sophomore single firmly stands out from the crowd because of its memorable vocal wall.

Sharing the deep baritone of Sail Cassady and warm tone from the songwriter himself, the track was written during and in response to the loneliness that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the world.

Cleverly written, the track characterises depression and anxiety as a ghost in a closet that continues to haunt. Using powerful imagery metaphors to convey the story draws listeners in further and makes the peace even more familiar for fans.

Even though the track’s message is anxiety-inducing, the track could also be interpreted as the ghost being a friend that keeps Michael company throughout the track. Despite its melancholic message, there’s something about this single that screams hope and optimism.

Armed with a gorgeous autumnal feel that will leave you sticking this single on your new October playlist, ‘Rattle My Bones‘ will steal your attention and never let it wander. Musically quite simple and not as complex as hoped, the stunning message certainly steals the spotlight.

📸 Credit – Hailey Krakana