We review the new single ‘Severin Gold’ by Spookey Ruben

Avant-garde to say the least, ‘Severin Gold’ is smothered in angelic sensibilities that could even determine what heaven would sound like. Armed with hidden folk armour, the new release definitely leans towards alternative more than anything. The latest release from Los Angeles based artist Spookey Ruben, there’s nothing sinister about this offering. Highly anticipated, the mellow single hears Ruben steps back into what he knows best – writing, recording and producing a song by himself that will resonate with fans across the globe.

Remarkably original, you wouldn’t hear this in today’s charts and there’s a reason behind that. Most of the world listens to watered-down pop without any soul, ‘Severin Gold’ is completely soul-bearing and everything you’d expect from this powerful artist. Taking on the mystical side of the world, this folk gem is bathed with charismatic orchestration and haunting vocals. The only thing that lets it down is how it disobeys being one specific genre. This is a good thing and a bad thing mainly because, good: it doesn’t follow a rulebook, but bad: what category does it fall into? It’s good to know a specific genre at times to find your musical niche and also where your fans may be. Nevertheless, ‘Severin Gold’ is smeared with personality.