We review the new single ‘Silver Shoal’ by Hounds Haul

Pulsating electronica with layers of indie-rock to enhance, ‘Silver Shoal’ is the commanding new release from Milton Keynes based band Hounds Haul. Just under four minutes long, the track is energetic and executed by the band’s personality. Armed with a vocal melody that won’t be leaving your head anytime soon, ‘Silver Shoal’ is infectious and wrapped up with charisma. Paying homage to the summer festival feeling we all love, ‘Silver Shaol’ feels like the hit that speaks volumes to us all after coming out of lockdown.

Lifting spirits and making you smile from ear to ear, this track’s mission is to make you dance. Starting to work on the track when lockdown first became eased, the band slowly started getting back to gigging and performing this addictive single. Pulling all of their missed memories and feelings of live music into one single, ‘Silver Shoal’ is entirely familiar.

The only thing that feels slightly forced is the track’s production. Hard to ignore and refusing to be left for dead, the production at times feels a bit too loud and hard-hitting. It gices the track a subtle alternative/punk vibe when the rack is prominently indie rock. Nevertheless, ‘Silver Shoal’ is best described as an anthem that won’t be leaving your playlist anytime soon.