We review the new single ‘Solo’ by Donohue

A debut single needs to command your attention and keep hold of it. If your mind wonders and you find yourself distracted, the song isn’t for you.

That’s if it’s not ‘Solo’ by Donohue – aka a complete visionary debut. Only 18 years old and with his eyes firmly set on the prize of conquering the world of pop. That’s not the only genre that Donohue features in his songwriting – you can hear fragrances of funk and RnB. Written, recorded, and produced all by himself, this is an impressive first impression. 

Vocally, the track sits somewhere between rapping and singing. Moving from in-your-face verses and memorable choruses that will sit in your head from this moment out, ‘Solo’ is an effortless offering that comes across as an instant classic.

The type of music you’d hear from a support slot artist for Silk Sonic, this modern number blends old and new perfectly. 

The only downfall for me is that the song nudges olden day sound more than new. It’s not as refreshing as hoped, but saying that, the arrangement is tight and for a young artist, it certainly showcases how much potential Donohue truly has. Keen to hear more from this artist who has layers of character and emotion.