We review the new single ‘SQUEEZE’ by Charlotte Hall

A liberating number that comes across as entirely unapologetic, if we could ‘SQUEEZE‘ this track tight and give it a huge hug, we would! The latest offering from Chesterfield-based artist Charlotte Hall is a song that celebrates sexual liberation and being able to be a free spirit.

People shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves and should be able to enjoy intimacy no matter their sexuality or gender. A track that I think could be a hit in the LGBTQ+ community, this empowering release will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The message is certainly what makes me love it even more as musically, the track resides more in a bubble-gum pop soundscape.

The production isn’t as in your face as hoped but it definitely still gets its point across. Memorable and easy to listen to, ‘SQUEEZE‘ encourages people to follow their dreams and value the relationships in their life. A track that may get stuck in your head for a few weeks, it does feel slightly repetitive, but who cares?!

It’s jam packed with fun-loving elements that will leave you happy for the rest of the day!