We review the new single ‘Stamina’ by Justina Shandler

Coated with sleazy sensibilities, ‘Stamina‘ is certainly the perfect name for this heated track. A worthy dance number, the track is best described as an edgy-pop number filled with ounces of joy.

After spending quite a lot of her songwriting career writing about emotional trenches of life, Justina Shandler forgets all worries and dusts them off with this care-free offering. Recorded in Houston, TX, the track took about a day to come to life.

About resilience and relentless pursuit of truth, ‘Stamina‘ is about following the path that lights Justina up the most. Written about endurance when it comes to chasing love, the track tells me it’s important to love yourself before you can love someone else and that’s entirely empowering.

Walking hand in hand with a dance-pop meets electro-pop soundscape, ‘Stamina’ puts its best foot forward into a gorgeous arrangement of commercial sensibilities. Poised with a note-perfect vocal, the jiving rhythm of Stamina is what makes you love it even more.

Worthy of getting placed in the charts, this track could even be a hit on TikTok and you heard it here first.

Keep that Stamina going Justina – you’re certainly on the right path now.