We review the new single ‘Straight Ahead’ by Speakeasy

Feeling the doom and gloom of winter? Look no further, Speakeasy’s new single ‘Straight Ahead‘ is the sunshine offering that will certainly brighten up your day. A feel-good offering with a remarkable hook line, you’ll be finding yourself singing this song like an annoying Christmas song for the rest of the year – but in a happy way, not a ‘Oh my gosh I’ve been Whammed’ way!

Fusing retro-pop melodies and a hard-hitting chorus, ‘Straight Ahead’ is about kicking away your worries and dusting off your smile.

Based in Melbourne, the Australian outfit’s songwriting makes no demands on place, it lets you interpret and feel every melody, chord and hook your own way.

Mixed by Ryan Ritchie (Kimbra, Birds of Tokyo) and mastered by Ivan Katchovan of Choi Records, the track has the energy of something straight out of the 60s, just with up-to-date production and an energetic performance.

Think of pop mixed with funk and that’ll sound something like this track. “Straight Ahead “is a strong tonic after a troubling time through metro-lockdowns, we don’t doubt that you’ll want a double serve.

We can’t get enough of this.

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