Straight in with a boy-band-esque vocal and timbre to the lead vocalist’s voice, ‘Tangled’ is about the struggles of trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with an ’80s synth pop inspired musical backdrop.

The chorus melody is especially memorable and is best described as an earworm that won’t be leaving your head anytime soon. The song may only be just under 3 minutes long, but it caught my attention straight away from its fast-paced tempo.

Wild Horse are an indie trio and for a trio, their sound is huge. Bathed with funk-layered guitar goodness, it’s the energy in their music that leaves you coming back for more each time.

Best described as creating music that will make you feel like one of the ‘cool kids’, I highly advise you start supporting these guys before they hit the big time, just so you’re one of those ‘cool’ people that followed a group before they got huge.

Trying to stand out from the crowd in this genre is tricky though, and somehow, I don’t feel like it’ll be the track that really showcases the band’s incredible songwriting. You can hear their potential, but I think there could still be room for improvement.

Saying that, I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this group, their sound is to die for. It’s a glistening look at relationships, the track will certainly make you feel tangled in the band’s web. If I heard this track out and about in a bar or a club, I’d make myself to the nearest dancefloor immediately.