sadie nix
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Heartfelt and pulling on your heartstrings instantly, ‘Tell Me’ is a strong number with layers of vulnerability throughout it.

The fourth single from Sadie Nix stays true to her roots and showcases her vocals are strong and able to grab your attention and keep your gaze. It’s the kind of track you’d hear in a blockbuster film, perhaps where the main protagonist is confessing their love to the person they love, or maybe it’s even when they’re breaking up with them.

What makes this song stand out is the way you can relate to it in many ways. You can put your own twist on it all and interpret it as you wish.

Sadie shared that it’s about when you are with someone who you know has feelings for you, you can feel it in your bones, yet they keep you distanced. They crave your attention yet always pull you back. It reminds me of loving someone more than they love you. The only thing that makes me doubt the track slightly is it feels familiar to other commercial pop songs, it doesn’t feel as original as hoped.

It stays safe in its chord progression and doesn’t change dynamics frequently. Apart from that, it’s Sadie’s vocals that left me completely amazed by how strong the message and power are throughout it all.

Having worked alongside Arthur Pingrey as her producer who has worked with artists such as Norah Jones, the track was recorded at Metropolis Studios in London, and you can really hear the professionalism from start to finish.