We review the new single ‘Thea’ by Ambiere

The perfect addition to a rainy night in while I write this review ‘Thea‘ is a summer-infused single that could make the dullest Monday feel like the best Friday night you could ever picture. Released on Friday 20th, ‘Thea‘ is the astonishing new single from Ambiere, and we’re certain it could fill any dancefloor just from Ambiere’s vocals alone.

About looking back at the moments in your life that you spent with someone and being grateful for the time, this track feels special because it can be interpreted in any way you want.

Sounding like the lovechild of Everything but the Girl and Ella Henderson, ‘Thea‘ is a chilled-out house number with a gorgeous alto vocal. The only thing that feels slightly stale about the release is its structure.

It doesn’t have a built-up dynamic to make you draw in even further and feels like it stays the same momentum throughout.

Saying that, it’s the perfect single to stick on when you’re late-night driving or just needing to mellow out after a long day. Feeling down by a rain shower outside? Stick this on and let your mind wander to paradise.

A songstress still at the beginning of her career, Ambiere could become the next ethereal songwriter to take the music world by storm.