When we look at life, we know that it is a world that is forever changing. We know that things come and go, and without fail, we tackle obstacles sometimes every day.

Torpey’s new song is about exactly that. About the subtleties of life changes, the track is about how time moves forward and that there’s no way of turning back. Across we can always look back and be nostalgic for what happened before, but I feel this song is about how important it is to be in the present moment.

Musically, the track is charming and armed with a folk persona and you can really hear influence from the likes of Bon Iver and Bob Dylan. Saying that, it’s also bathed with pop-rock elements and you can really hear an Oasis presence. The track features Torpey’s strong vocals over jangling acoustic guitars and subtle banjo notes, but it’s the lyrics that are wistful and a pleasure to listen to.

Tropey’s vocals stand out firmly from the mix and could easily make it up the folk charts. The production is absolutely stunning, quite ethereal in places, and entirely euphoric.

It’s the type of track you’d hear in the scene of Into the Wild, the 2007 film with Emile Hirsch, where Emile’s character is making the decision to quit his life and start afresh.

It’s fluid and armed with a dream-like structure and creates what can only be described as a ‘safe’ atmosphere.

You could get lost in this song for hours, months, and even years.