We review the new single ‘Three Steps South’ by Dopplegangers

Instantly leaving an impression with their addictive indie melodies, Dopplegangers new single ‘Three Steps South‘ is definitely leading the band in an exciting new direction. The first of their releases to feature only their own vocals and a stark departure from their more retro-pop soundscapes, ‘Three Steps South’ is a confident indie track with a fierce head on its shoulders.

The vocal production isn’t as cinematic as hoped whereas the instrumentation is. If the vocals had a bigger impact on the track, I think this track could have been more elevating.

Maybe enhancing the vocal mix to be more forefront would shine better. Nevertheless, the track’s distinctive sound is best described as innovative and everything you’d want from Dopplegangers.

Detailing the trials and turbulences of moving to London from a small town, the single explains how tough it is to get your voice heard in an already hectic industry.

Musically, the track is armed with a glistening production injected with a contemporary pop vibe. Brewing up to be the track that definitely puts the band on the map, ‘Three Steps South’ may have moments of staleness but it marks the beginning of something special.