We review the new single ‘Through My Hands’ by Addezine

The second release from Cheltenham based artist Addezine, ‘Through My Hands’ refuses to be limited to one musical style. If you’re into indie-pop, funk and even alternative R&B, this track is exactly what you need in your life.

Armed with a confident bass line that grooves throughout the track with a responsive character, Addezine’s vocals are effortless but not complicated.

Following a simple vocal melody, the vocal line feels slightly too comfortable in places and could have been enhanced with a more prominent hook. Saying that, the instrumentation of the track will hold your gaze throughout the important new song from Cheltenham’s finest talent.

Exploring the story of a summer fling, the track evokes a sense of nostalgia and melancholia for the listener. Able to put your own twisted on the iconic track, the track is able to make you happy yet sad at the same time.

A DIY artist with a clear vision of becoming the next big name out of Cheltenham, Addezine is a force to be reckoned with and a growing name, ready for something huge to come his way.