A new alternative rock artist with an unapologetically retro sound, ‘Train in Vain’ is a frantic number with a gripping arrangement throughout. Blueburst‘s new single was inspired by everything America went through in the summer of 2020. Not only the Coronavirus pandemic but also the Black Lives Matter movement with the George Floyd murder, 2020 was a hard time for the whole globe.

The track speaks about a break-up but it can be interpreted in many ways, and I know how adventurous it comes across.

Musically, the track is frantically punk with adrenaline and energy at the root of its core. The vocals have a gorgeous tone with an Americana feel. Definitely based on a power-pop structure, ‘Train in Vain’ captures honesty from the very first note.

I think the song is slightly too long though and possibly could do with a radio edit to get its point firmly across. It seems at times that the track didn’t build to a big climax that it was screaming to. Nevertheless, it’s part of a story that needs to be told from the start straight to the end, and of course, it needs a good middle that grips your attention, and this song sure does.

It’s the nostalgic production that makes me keep coming back for more. It’s like something The Police would have created in the ’80s but minus the reggae arrangements and loose vocals.