We review the new single ‘Trip’ by slowride

Entering with a riff that will instantly leave you doing the ‘bassface’, slowride’s new single ‘Tripinstantly will leave you finding the track on Spotify to add to your playlist – it certainly did with me. Fusing alternative rock and indietronica to produce a well-crafted arena-worthy concoction, this feels like a rollercoaster ride through realms of ‘what on earth is going on.

Playing with the idea of taking a trip into self-discovery, the psychedelic offering is entirely experimental and leaves listeners with the ability to let their minds wander and do the talking.

Detailing finding yourself and removing the mask we all wear day to day life (no, not the physical one), ‘Trip‘ states you can truly be your authentic self once you’ve made changes inside.

What makes the message stand out from the rest is its ability to explain going with the flow. To an extent, we need a plan in life, but the best circumstances come when we least expect this.

This feels like the full story of ‘Trip’ and that’s what makes it an immersive experience from start to finish.

Musically, this is one of the best performances I’ve heard all week.