We review the new single ‘Under Me’ by Abz Winter

Emerging Midlands based artist Abz Winter is a teenager that should be on every pop lovers radar. Back with hypnotic new release ‘Under Me‘, the track is based around a dance-pop style that will infect you with its captivating beat. Telling the story of how we’re always attracted to the ‘bad guys’, the story also plays out how we always realise how selfish and controlling they are.

The importance of knowing what you want in life and who you are, ‘Under Me‘ is best described as empowering and something youngsters should stick on.

Based around an eighties infused production, the track’s arrangement isn’t very imaginative. Musically, the track feels like it’s been done before many times and isn’t as innovative as hoped. Saying that, the meaning behind the track and Abz’s vocals steal the limelight and come across as professional and an artist that knows what she wants.

Created and written by the teenager in her bedroom during a lockdown, the track details owning your self-worth and saying it how it is.

Contagious pop with elements of synth-electronica thrown in for good measure, the production and mixing is fantastic and definitely put Abz on a higher pedestal in the industry.

Musically, as mentioned, the track feels slightly too safe and could have been enhanced with more ambitious melodies. Nevertheless, this artist is still very much at the beginning of an exceptional career ahead.