We review the new single ‘Use Me’ by James Bakian

James Bakian may be at the beginning of his music career but if the new single ‘Use Me is anything to go by, the future is looking mature and vivid. An artist with a DIY attitude to the industry, James is a singer-songwriter and music producer.

Highly energetic and armed with an infectious tempo, ‘Use Me’ comes across as a deep house contender, there’s certainly elements of dance-pop throughout that makes this a strong track for the mainstream charts.

Describing the rush of a young relationship and how time feels like you’ve hit the fast-forward button and everything’s going about ten times as fast, ‘Use Me’ is an unapologetic number that comes across as sensual in places too, creating a genre contrast.

Sounding like something you’d hear models strut their stuff down a catwalk, the euphoric number is the perfect drop for nightclubs across the globe.

Whilst the instrumentation is simple and sleazy, ‘Use Me’ feels a bit too safe in places. The vocal melody isn’t as adventurous as hoped and feels like it’s done many times before, this would be something to on for further recordings, let go a tad more.

Nevertheless, James’ vocals are sharp and refuse to be pushed aside.