We review the new single ‘Wasting Youth’ by Emma See

Written during the first lockdown, ‘Wasting Youth is an electronic pop number with ounces of soul. The latest instalment from Emma See was bred through frustration and isolation, something we’ve all encountered throughout the pandemic.

Raised in the Danish countryside to a painter and a bronze caster, Emma started writing and recording music in a make-shift studio in her dads’ shed at the age of seven which then later developed her keen love for electronic music. Combining a diverse vocal line that resides somewhere between FKA Twigs and Billie Eilish, Emma See’s gorgeous vocals are best described as out of this world or star-quality.

Produced by producer BAd entity, the production and vocal are effortless and capture an intimate execution perfectly. A tentative heart-break song, what makes ‘Wasting Youth’ even stronger is its ability to leave you interpreting whatever you’re going through in your life to the track.

Prominently melancholic and telling the tale of loneliness throughout the global pandemic, the impressive single hopes to shine self-awareness and determination – making it entirely empowering.

Feeling like she wasted a lot of time, energy and youth on this specific person, ‘Wasting Youth’ hears Emma pour her heart and soul for her fans.