We review the new single ‘Work Baby’ by Yoder

Yoder is back for a new era – or in other ways, a rebirth! Coming straight off his sophomore project Kerblappy featuring the notable single ‘Broken in Pieces’, Yoder’s new project introduces a more ethereal vivid sound with playful moments fuelled with charm.

Here with debut single to mark the new era, ‘Work Baby is a sophisticated number with a soulful vocal that mirrors Rex Orange County and Randy Newman. Sometimes all you need in your life is an exceptional feel-good track to brighten up your day and this single certainly has me radiating a smile from ear to ear.

It’s true though, we work to work at the end of the day. It’s quite a sad sentiment really but this light-hearted track is wholesome and feels like the perfect backdrop for both cosy seasons and heated ones too.

The bedroom pop track is bathed with lo-fi moments and even comes across as wacky in places. Definitely a successful debut that will go down in Yoder’s history as the track that gets him worldwide recognition.

The perfect soundtrack while you neck back a hot chocolate surrounded by your friends and family at Christmas – ‘Work Baby‘ is a statement to always live your best life.