We review the new single ‘You’re Not Alone’ from Jimmy Eff

West Midlands based indie-folk artist Jimmy Eff and Jonny K return with leading single ‘You’re Not Alone’ taken from their forthcoming new EP, out this Autumn.

Telling the tale of mental health struggles, the track details there is always someone out there to talk to and help. A statement to not tell people to ‘man up and to realise how traumatising that can be for someone, ‘You’re Not Alone’ explains there’s no need to bottle things up, and that it simply is ok to not be ok.

The production sounds like it’s still in at a demo format and doesn’t sound as polished as hoped. Once the guitars venture in and bass-line, the track feels a bit more homely, but still doesn’t demonstrate the band in an established light.

Diving into the songwriting instead, musically and lyrically, the track is definitely a guiding light and something to listen to when needing a boost or a hand to hold. Americana with tinges of folk-rock, the lively soundscape balances the melancholic story perfectly.

Upbeat melancholy that explains the importance of speaking up, ‘You’re Not Alone is a vital listen if you’re needing a new companion in your life.