We review the new single ‘You’re Not Special’ by JIDé Kuti

It’s cold – January blues are certainly kicking in across the globe. In need of some sunshine and glistening soul music that could easily soothe your soul, ‘You’re Not Special’ may have a bold title that will leave you feeling quite sombre, the music behind the song will definitely bring you back to a positive aura. Ironically, the track is about getting over someone who should well, get over themselves.

Armed with adrenaline and fun-loving pop sensibilities, this is a special track that comes across as alluring and has a good balance of neo-soul and pop.

Based in North London, the scene in London may be hectic, but we truly feel that JIDé Kuti could stand out from the crowd simply because of his empowering vocals. Coated with a chorus that won’t be leaving your head anytime soon, JIDé Kuti is a name that could be in lights by the end of the year.

Whilst the track is radiant and positive-sounding, the message and title will leave you re-thinking and that’s what will draw you in even further. If this is JIDé’s second single to date, the future is looking incredible for this songwriter.

A warm track that could easily serenade the coldest of hearts.