We review the new single ‘You’ve Got Me (in Agony)’ by Caleb Caming and the Heat

New York City based band Caleb Caming reside in an alternative rock atmosphere, and whilst there are many other bands that do too, they certainly stand out from the crowd.

Having shared bills with Gary Clark Jr, Sheryl Crow and Suzanna Vega to name a few, Caleb Caming, who’s an ex-roadie, started the band a few years back. Back with a triumphant return, the unapologetic new release is futuristic yet still pays ode to yesteryears’ challenging genre.

Mixing grunge with roots rock, their unique sound is coated with high-quality production that could give today’s rockstars a run for their money.

Titled ‘You’ve Got Me (in Agony), the new release is an attempt at blending 70s songwriting with the attitude of the 90s era. Featuring a relatable story on heartache, unfortunately, this topic is mostly familiar this time of year. Releasing the track at the perfect time, the track’s lyrical content hears Caleb get over a challenging situation with a, now, ex.

Fast-paced and armed with a jiving rhythm, there’s nothing about this song that I don’t like. It’s engrossed with attitude and energy – what more could you want from an emerging band?

Hold fire – there’s a new face of Rock and it’s Caleb Caming & the Heat!