We Review The New Singles From The Dirt – Ignorance Is Bliss / Power Junkie

A healthy mixture of post-punk and psychedelic rock produces two engaging new singles from the duo The Dirt.

Yorkshire frontman Jack’s vocals are sharp and direct whilst Japanese guitar whiz Sachiko creates a sonic aura. The two formed their band in Manchester and have injected the well-known post-punk scene well into their overall sound.

Ignorance Is Bliss immediately catches you off guard with an opening riff that reminisces You Really Got Me by The Kinks. However, this classic intro is drowned out by the soaring psychedelic pedals inputted by Sachiko and the subtle dancefloor dubbed drums in the background. Jack’s anxiety-directed vocals add a darker sense of gritting teeth and pain to the dancey and adventurous sonic side.

The pair of artists play off well from each other with the darkness matching the upbeat nature of the sound and whilst lyrical themes delve into the themes of mental health, the overall feel of the song is progressive and immersive. It’s the kind of song that could be extended for many more minutes and remixed in many directions that really captures the energy of the drum and bass.

The snappy vocal delivery is similar to that of Yard Act, but the overall sonic sound takes the band to the experimental British post-rock of the late 70s. Overall it feels like two songs are playing at once: a thumping dancefloor beast and a wavy psychedelic angel who are fighting it out.

Power Junkie starts with the familiar guitar riff seen in Ignorance Is Bliss but with a steadier riff of fuzzy guitars mixed with echo/lo-fi vocals. A sharp and direct tone is felt again in Jack’s vocals with harsher language attacking the British class system. Like a lot of British punk music, it targets the government who are the “power junkies” in this piece.

The grittier sound overall and northern vocal stylings give emphasis to the overall feeling that the song entails, but at the same time, The Dirt maintains their consistent grooves in the rhythm section. Guitar layers send the track in a psychedelic direction that is not the be forgotten as the main lead riffs amp up in volume like a fierce assault on the ears. It’s one of those rare occasions seen in the current British music scene where the music can both be ten feet tall and cruisin’ the wave.

An exciting duo of songs from a passionate and influential duo.

The band is set to release its debut album, Agitator in April 2023.