We review the new song from JLY – Clear Day

Available to stream from Friday 8th October is the latest single from London based rapper JLY (Pronounced Jelly). A relatively new artist, it was little more than a year ago that JLY stepped into a studio for the very first time after deciding to commit to his dream of making music.

Clear day is only the second single from the artist and follows on the heels of ‘League of My Own’ which achieved 25,000 views.

Influenced by acts such as Dave, Blanco and Knucks, JLY has spent the last six months experimenting with different sounds and working to carve his identity on the UK Hip Hop scene.

On his newest release ‘Clear Day’, JLY has worked with producer Jensmuller to bring us a flawless piano jazz beat blended with some snarey synths creating an interesting and unique soundscape for the lyrics.

Despite the laid-back beats, the track is actually very energetic and is all about motivation and JLY’s drive to perfect his art, a big theme in the song is not wasting time and at just 18 years old, JLY is proving that he’s not wasting any time in pursuing his passion.

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the hook on this one, I do really like his style and flow and the track becomes pretty exciting when he switches it up at 2 mins and 20 seconds in.