We review the new song from Ritual Forms – Dreaming

London trip-hop trio Ritual Forms have been kind enough to bring us their debut single ‘Dreaming’. 

Whilst this is a debut single, members Anna, Curtis, and Joe are more than familiar with each other as musicians, having previously performed under the name of Sykoya. However, in a statement released by the group back in July, they decided to change their name to mark the ‘preparation for a new era’.

Now, that new era is here in the form of the brand-new single. With an ethereal and somewhat ghostly sound, the heavy bass end and trip-hop beat is counteracted by high-end chimes that simultaneously add to the spooky element of the track.

The mix of the track is notably rich. The trio manage an effective cohesion of textures to provide an overall intense, but pleasing, sound.

Talking about some of the meaning behind the song, the group said that ‘Anna uses the songwriting process to exorcise depression and anxiety demons, while equally there are moments that recall the euphoria of losing oneself in music and the night’.

Already the song has contributed to more than just being a fresh release for the group. The band explained how “Trip Hop Nation, based in Ukraine, picked ‘Dreaming’ up earlier in 2022 and premiered it on the Make Music, Stop War compilation, which was a project to offer direct help to the Ukrainian people with all proceeds going to a humanitarian aid fund for Ukrainians.”.

It’s nice to see a release that’s doing more than just serving the artist themselves.

For those hoping to hear more from Ritual Forms soon, you need not worry. They already have a debut album, ‘Nighttime Economy’, in the works to be released this year. For now, though, you can let your ears fall into the full-bodied soundscape of ‘Dreaming’.