We review the new song from Sam McLaughlin – The Devil Lies 

After gaining traction across social media, Sam McLachlan has just released his new single ‘The Devil Lies’. TikTok has already branded it a banger despite only being sampled 15 seconds of indie rock guitar riffs, with commenters comparing the full band to Kings of Leon mixed with Two Door Cinema Club – they have big boots to fill. Sam Mclaughlin’s vocals are rough and husky scratching an unknowing itch on your brain.

The outpouring of emotions swirling around high-pitched twangs is classic Indie, but there is a depth that comes with ‘The Devil Lies’ that is deeper than the surface. Sam transplants his mind into you and with every drum beat you begin to feel the weight of his world on your shoulders. Even the opening guitar notes sound like contemplation. 

“Have you ever seen an angel cry? Have you ever seen the devil lie?” McLaughlin has created the highs, the lows and the crashing and burning. There is an intensity of variation as you sit with the characteristics of his emotion. I’d be playing it safe by betting on Sam being a major one to watch in the new year, the Liverpudlian is declaring himself the next big thing by releasing a track which is so large sounding, it is already being heard amongst the echo chamber music industry.