We review the new song from The Distance – Feeling Fine

A fuzzed-up blues guitar plays across a scene of wide-open hills and forest. This isn’t a dramatic Hollywood film or an old Spaghetti Western, it’s the music video to The Distance’s brand-new debut single ‘Feeling Fine’.

Dosed in cool, we see the Sheffield duo alternate between the expansive green surroundings of nature and a sheltered, intimate pub, as they sing to the camera about feeling fine, killing time, and having someone on their mind.

Describing their music, the pair said ‘our sound is a heady combination of soulful vocal harmonies, classic blues-rock guitar and steady backbone beats’. After listening to ‘Feeling Fine’, I’m not sure I could put it in better words myself.

There are not many places the duo can go wrong, but that might be where the problem lies. 

You spend most of the 2 minutes and 46 seconds waiting for the song to kick off or at least add another layer. Eventually, you realise this isn’t going to happen and any anticipation you may have built for yourself turns into an unsatisfying result.

Nevertheless, if you go into the song knowing what you’re going to get then you’re still met with a catchy and cool bluesy love song.

This is still only the first single from The Distance too, so it’ll be interesting to see how their sound and songwriting develop. With just a bit more oomph, I reckon a lot more people could be paying attention to them.