We Review The New Track From Black Cats And Magpies – I’ve Got Nothing To Live For

Black Cats and Magpies deliver dreamy guitars and a nostalgic aura around their latest track, I’ve Got Nothing To Live For.

Whilst the title of the track may be morbid, Black Cats and Magpies still have aspirations and aspire for something to die for. Emotive as it sounds, the closing statement of the chorus still reminds the listener that “it’s easier said than done”.

The band said they have a big influence from goth legends The Cure and their jangly guitars and 80’s synths do have the stylings of The Cure but not the overall darkness, groove, and delivery their inspiration does so well.

That being said, the mixture of dreampop tones and indie rock beats deliver a wavy and vibrant piece that is a sonic treat for the masses. The vocals are swimming in the ocean of guitar effects which match the dreampop vibe nicely but could do with a bit of oomph to distract them from the overall sound.

They have obviously ticked a lot of boxes to master this sound, but I’m having to concentrate extra hard on what is being said. Following the chorus, this does improve as the instrumentation seems to drop out, but the chorus itself is a flourishing moment that sounds so uplifting despite the lyrical themes.

The track was written in 2019 and recorded in 2020 and that now feels a world away which suits the song’s overall sound altogether. I do wonder why it’s taken the group such a long time to release this track seeing as they had a consistent discography prior to it.

I‘ve Got Nothing To Live For is both anthemic and clever. It hooks you in with its guitar riffs and tones and makes you think perspectively through its lyrics. It’s a song I want to drift along with over and over again.